Rympei Consultancy & Services

RCS Pvt Ltd was set up in Shillong the capital of one of the scenic beauties of the nation Meghalaya, with its perfect Scottish climate and hospitality this Consultancy aims to achieve a goal of adding to the attributes of the State as a technical power house of the nation, a legal apprentice and also to delight the people of the country and abroad with all that the state has to offer in its tourism attraction. As in the long run the company sees a future for the debut of embedded system design and development to cater to the needs of the State and the North East India as a whole.

“Rympei” is a traditional Khasi word which means the origin, in common terms it can be interpreted as the origin of ideas, in the past when the elders sat with the younger ones they would sit besides the fireplace and narrate tales of glory which came with the moral of Right and Wrong, we at RCS believe that any original idea or ideas must be acted upon and supported to accomplishment. The future of these ideas are always bright because of its originality and its dynamic nature. We do not want to brand any of them but want to be an encouraging force that will encourage thinking and creativity. Its not just a Company for profit but a Company that firmly believe that we can make a difference. With its diverse nature we intent to enthral and exhibit class, quality and most importantly trust amongst our clients, because we believe in it.


IT Consultancy

We offers you a wide range of services in IT Consultancy.. Bussiness IT Design, Planning, Expert Advice...

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IT Development

We provide both desktop based and web based customized software solution for our clients...

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Xperience Meghalaya

Xplore and Xperience Meghalaya in one of our private tours....

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